Saturday, 31 January 2015


I'm tired of reading the usual articles regarding homosexuals denied rights in Italy. I believe time has come to focus on the family, but it is especially necessary to give more rights to the heterosexual people in Italy. In fact I heard that homosexuals are well accepted in the boot-shape country. Every so often someone a little weak commits suicide, but it is not because he or she does not feel accepted by the society. They are just weak.

I am also tired of trying to explain to the Italians that the country needs laws to grant same-sex unions and laws that punish discrimination and violence due to sexual orientation. Even the suspicion that such laws would have the effect to save the life of a single person, giving him or her the strength to believe in a better society, should prompt us to ask for it quickly. After all, they are laws that are now in place all over the western civilizations, in South America, South Africa and parts of Eastern Europe. They are having discussions in Vietnam and even China, even if these countries are still far from a solution. The new friendly Pope says it with other words. Even the Church seems to be more modern than Italy.

I'm tired because I no longer believe in my country, and for me it's too late to change my mind. I lived half of my life in Italy and the other half in Europe. Forgive me if I detach for a moment the Belpaese, the beautiful country, from the continent where it belongs geographically. I don’t do that maliciously. I do that to try to make you understand what my life was, when I lived in Italy and how it has been and it is in other western European countries, where I lived and where I live.