Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Dear all,

This is my mail to the BIE to protest against the misuse of the EXPO logo for a anti-LGBT event, AllOut in CC:

From: Marco 
Date: January 20, 2015 9:50:46 AM GMT+01:00
Subject: Misuse of the EXPO LOGO used for heterosexual families only conference - Milan

Dear BIE, 
Dear AllOut,
Dear Madam or Sir,

I am sure you read in the news that the EXPO logo is being misused by the local government in Lombardy, lastly for a conference on natural families.
Not only was the topic of this event not related to the 2015 EXPO subject, but the event itself was a discussion on LGBT rights where only heterosexual people were welcome. (Please watch video - link below) 

The way the EXPO logo is being used is fueling feelings of hate among people. In fact a large number of demonstrators were protesting outside the building. At the same time a gay student at the conference was taken away by force and badly insulted by local politicians and present people, just for asking a question about homosexuality. This is what happens in Italy in year 2015.

I refuse to believe that the BIE would authorize the use of the EXPO logo for a conference, in which part of the world population is being discriminated, or their rights being put under discussion by others. Additionally, being this a world event, even if Italy is the only country in western Europe where no union/marriage rights for the LGBT population exist, the LGBT freedom rights of other European, American and some Asian and African countries should not be put under discussion with the use of the EXPO logo.

I am a male adult, Milan born, married to a Dutch male, resident in Germany who feels extremely offended by what happened. If last year I looked forward to attending the EXPO event, now I decided I will not, and I most certainly will not recommend it to anyone I know.

Please watch this video to understand the atmosphere of the conference at the Lombardy Government HQ building in Milan

I seriously hope that actions are taken to prevent this from happening in the future . It is really a shame to see how a worldwide event is being used to fuel hate instead of love among people.
Please do not allow the Lombardy government to misuse your logo again. They informed that other conferences of this type will follow. 

With best regards