Thursday, 12 February 2015


I started dreaming. And in my dream there was a man holding me tight, kissing my neck and my lips. He was stunning. Just the man I had always wanted. He was romantic, caring, masculine and taller than me. In fact he was the opposite of what my boyfriend was. He was whispering the sweetest words into my ears and he was cuddling me and touching my body everywhere. His hands were going from my neck to my chest. He was petting the upper part of my body and that private part of a man that mostly needs attention. Finally he reached my legs…
Wait a moment, this felt so real! He was really touching my legs! I opened my eyes and there he was. The guy I had seen on the Central Line train, a couple of hours before, was touching my right leg and was calling me by name. “Mattia, Mattia, Mattiaaaaa”. “Shit, what are you doing here? Did you follow me?” I asked him to pinch my face to make sure that I was awake. Everything had an explanation, but the one he gave me, made me wondering on the size of this planet. Massimiliano happened to be one of Elisabetta’s friends. I had absolutely no idea that they knew each other. That night, he had arranged to come over to view our flat, as Azmir was going to move out within a few days and a bed-sit was going to be vacant. Massimiliano had taken the Central Line train and he had got off at Marble Arch, just a stop after Queensway. He had kissed his friend goodbye and had walked one station back. The viewing was fixed at 00.30am, as Massimiliano had had a late shift and that would have been the only convenient time for him. This explained why he had come to our flat, but it still did not explain what he was doing on my bed. My flatmates were very curious about my private life. I was often away, I would leave in the morning and come back late at night. The problem was that I had never mentioned to have a girlfriend. Normally every Italian straight man is proud to display his other-half. For this reason my flatmates had started becoming suspicious. Massimiliano was gay and out to Elisabetta, they were good friends and she had decided to ask him a favour. Basically, he had to talk to me and give her an opinion on what he reckoned my sexual preferences were. After our twenty-minute talk he went back to the living room and he said: “that was easy: he is a sister too!” That was the night of my very first coming out.

Massimiliano moved in a couple of weeks later. From then on, the life quality in the flat started improving. He was a good housewife and a guy full of resources. He invented a role for every single individual of our “family”. He took the part of the wife, married to Gianni, Elisabetta and Francesca were the sisters and Luca and I were the brothers. We all had our own tasks and the household was much better organized.


Amazing work by Bruce Weber