Tuesday, 10 February 2015


Sharing a flat with other people wasn’t easy, especially as those other people had constantly someone over. We shared the rent into five equal parts, so one would expect that there were 5 people living in the flat. That was not the case. Elisabetta and Stefania had one room. I was sharing the bigger room with Azmir, an Iranian guy who had lived most of his life in Stockholm and Luca, a Sicilian guy who was flirting with all the Scandinavian girls he met. Lucahad a huge debt of a few thousand pounds with a guy called Gianni. As Gianni knew exactly that this money were lost for good, he decided to get his credit back by sleeping in Luca’s bed, who was forced to sleep on the sofa. Gianni was allowed to live with us without paying the rent and Luca had to bear with the daily partying that took place at our home, before being able to lay down on the sofa.
As the floor was still totally unoccupied, Luca had the brilliant idea to get someone else to live with us. I never understood why he did that and I still think he had a big heart but an empty brain. He had met Francois at an interview, neither of them had managed to get the job, but they became friends. François was a homeless Parisian who had decided to move to London to find happiness and he happened to be the biggest trouble that we ever had there. He did not like the idea to sleep on the floor, so if one would have arrived home a couple of minutes too late, one would have found Francois sleeping in their bed. Waking him up was never easy, but I always succeeded to get my bed back. The main problem was, that this bloke was not a hygiene lover and he smelled like a wet dog that did not get a proper bath in years. One day Francois got home with 2 large bags full of expensive food and delicatessen. We all started wondering where he could have found the money to afford that. As we figured out that we were before one of the smartest supermarket thieves ever, we decided to kick him out and change the lock.
It was December when Dan decided to introduce me to his friends. His best mate, Roy, was also from Taipei and he had a Swiss boyfriend. Raffaele and him were together for a couple of years. I was very excited to get to know
another European guy who had a Taiwanese boyfriend. Raffaele cooked for us and for the first time, since I had landed in the United Kingdom, I ate real Italian food. That night, Dan proved to be totally anti-social, as he started speaking Mandarin with Roy, with the excuse that I could have taken this chance to speak French with Raffaele. During our conversation, the Swiss guy tried to open my eyes on how Dan really was. Hardly does someone listen to others, when one is in love, or one thinks to be. But was I? My being naïve came out again when that night I lost my virginity. It may sound unbelievable but I did not have a clue that some men practiced anal intercourse. It was painful and I did not feel any pleasure at all, in other words I did not see the sense of it.

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