Monday, 16 February 2015


It was a very cold November day when I had the feeling that there was something missing in my life. I needed to feel loved. My shift at the restaurant had started for two hours already when I began to feel weak and cold. I told Susan that I felt sick and I asked her if I could leave early. She made the effort to look around, she decided that my leaving early would have meant a reduced profit for the day and she answered: “if you leave early, don’t come tomorrow”. As I could not afford to get fired, I stayed there until the very last minute of my shift. I was sweating and shivering in front of those extremely hot grills, dreaming of a bed and a couple of paracetamol pills.

When I arrived home my temperature was around 39 degrees Celsius. The day after I made the effort to go to work, the weekend would have followed and I would have been off. That Saturday Dan had to drive to Oxford for his university project. He had to take hundreds of pictures and he needed my presence and assistance. My fever was still pretty high, but I decided to drive there with him: I would have done almost anything for him. On that occasion my boyfriend proved to care about my health even less than my manager did, he was only focused on his work and he didn’t even bother to thank me for the help I gave him. 

December came and the situation between Dan and me got worse. Day by day I started realizing how different he was from me, how much affection I was giving to him and how little I was getting in return. Romanticism was an unknown word to him. He was the type of guy who would have never shared the same bedroom with his partner. “I cannot understand how some couples share the same room every night. I need my space, my own bedroom, my own flat”. Was he maybe too tired of sharing the bed with his ex boyfriend? I had no idea. I started caring less and less, in fact there was a big market out there and I was still fresh meat for the older guys. Towards the end of December Dan and I went for a weekend trip to Dublin. It was our very first trip together and I had the hope that we would have had the chance to get to know each other better. In fact we did. That was the reason why I gave up on him, there was absolutely no possibility that he would have become more romantic and caring. I took this chance to make him aware that my ideal man did neither look, nor behave like him and the only guy I knew that could have matched with me was Enrico. My parents had a small studio-flat in Rosas, a small village on the Catalan coast. Two summers before I had met there a guy who looked exactly like my perfect type of man. That was Enrico.

This is another great gay movie I'd like to recommend today.
If you like sexy gay guys with nice faces and bodies, funny stories and great landscapes this is the movie for you. Watch the trailer here   (Source youtube SuncrestProds)
Stars Kevin Grant Spencer, Anthem Moss, Orel de la Mota, Adam Huss, Danny Lopes. Music by Robert