Wednesday, 11 February 2015


The East London line train was driving through Canada Water station, that was still under construction, when a man approached me. He had a nasty smell and he looked like a beggar, so I played my usual part: “Sorry, I don’t understand”. “Where are you from?” He asked. “Italy.” I should have never answered that question. “Ah, ma io parlo italiano, sono inglese, ma avevo la ragazza napoletana”. Usual luck, I managed to find the only English homeless that was fluent in Italian! The man told me the story of his life in 20 minutes, as he got off at Surrey Quays station and walked with me all the way to Dan’s. It was 6pm when I arrived in front of my boyfriend’s flat. It was dark already and it was pouring rain. As usual I did not have an umbrella with me, even if I should have thought about it, considering the fact that Dan was always late. It was the same case again, but this time, he showed up only around 9pm. Do you still think I was naïve to wait for him? No, this time I was so furious that I did not wait for him to give him a hug, I just wanted to kick his ass. During these 3 hours under the rain, I had the time to thinkexactly about what to tell him. I was clear and direct, he arrived, I told him that I did not want to see him again and I left. One might be wondering how I do remember that night so well. It was a special night: my coming out to my flatmates was about to happen and in the weirdest way possible. I was finally on a Central Line train, when I heard a guy speaking English with a rather strong Italian accent. I turned my attention to him and I noticed that he looked gorgeous. I started thinking that if he were not so camp, he would have been my perfect man. He was tall, blond, he had blue eyes and an athletic body. He was hysterically talking to another guy, probably British and it looked like they had just had an argument. The sliding doors opened and I realized I was at Queensway station already. I was very interested to follow up these two guys’ conversation, nevertheless I decided to leave the train and go home to get some sleep. The train left and with it, the possibility to get to know this man disappeared. Or did it?
I reached home at around 11pm. I was exhausted and I decided to go straight to bed. Elisabetta and Stefania were watching the television on the sofa, or in other words on Luca’s bed. The latter was in the kitchen washing the dishes. According to the girls, it was the first time that he was actually doing that since they had moved in. You should have seen the arguments that they had during that week. As a result Gianni had taken all the dirty plates, he had stuffed them into a bag and had left it on the floor for a few days. Finally when fungus and bacteria had started growing on the plastic surface, Luca came to reason, decided to give up his butch Latin man attitude and wore apron and gloves. That night I was stressed out as I had just argued with my boyfriend. The only relief was, that it seemed there were no parties planned in the flat for that night. I could peacefully go to sleep without having to hear drunken Australians or Brazilians singing loud. I brushed

my teeth, wore my pyjama, and rushed into bed, under the warm duvet. I fell asleep pretty fast.

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