Sunday, 1 March 2015


ROSAS, SPAIN August-September 1997.

The small lighthouse was the only terrestrial source of light in miles. The moon was shining bright, reflecting the energy of the more powerful sun. Only the waves crashing into the rocks around the pier were interrupting the silence of the night. Everything was there but the “One”. I was often dreaming to spend hours in that idyllic place with someone special. I had always hoped that I would have shared this experience with someone I loved anytime soon, but I still had a long time to wait. That was enough! I could not waste the night with melancholic thoughts. It was time to go clubbing! I decided to walk my way home along the beach. The feeling of the fresh water and of my feet sinking into the soft wet sand was pretty pleasant. I reached home around, I took a shower, put some wax onto my hair, wore my favourite clothes and I was ready to party. My parents’ flat was located in the town centre of Rosas. Nightlife was just around the corner. It was a Friday night and most of the clubs had a free entrance. I popped up into the first one but the music was too loud and cheesy. The second one followed, then the third. Café de la Playa felt somehow like the right place to be, so I took a stool, I sat at the bar and I waited for the waiter. “Un Sex On The Beach por favor”. I ordered. “If I cannot have sex on the beach I should at least drink it!” I thought. “750 Pesetas por favor.” I paid my drink and tipped the cute bartender. They were playing Gala’s ‘’Let A Boy Cry’’ when I turned my face and I saw him. He was blond and just a little bit taller than me. His eyes were as blue as the tropical sea and he had the sweetest smile I had ever seen. That night I kicked my shyness away and I decided that he had to be my friend. About one hour later, the Nordic looking guy left the bar and went along the main street that leaded to the harbour. He was walking at a rather slow pace and every time I was about to reach him, I felt so terribly embarrassed and walked even slower to widen the distance again. We went on like that for a couple of kilometers. I don’t think that he ever noticed me, as he never looked behind. Eventually he turned on the left and I decided it was the time to act. Waiting longer was not an option as I would have not been able to follow him unnoticed, along the smaller secondary roads. What could I have possibly told that guy to make me appear interesting at his eyes and make him wanting to spend some time conversing with me? He looked like the fun type of guy who likes crazy stuff, so I decided to be direct and I asked him… “Hey, do you know where I get some grass?” He looked confused and he said: “Sorry, ich habe leider nicht verstanden” So I repeated my question slower, using other terms to describe what I was looking for and he smiled, a killer smile that made my heart beating faster. At that time my German was pretty basic, but luckily my new friend Enrico had a better knowledge of the English language, so that we managed to go on with our conversation. He was from a small town near Mainz in Germany, he told me that he was 19 and that he was there with some member of his family. “I was also looking for grass” he added, “but I could not find any here”. He seemed to enjoy our conversation, he was also happy that he had finally met someone to speak with and he invited me to join him for a drink. I would have never refused such an inviting offer, so we walked together all the way back and we went to the “Surf Inn”. My new friend was really funny and he had a strong German accent, which I found terribly cute. We talked and talked for hours, we went to four or five different bars and we drunk like sponges. I got so drunk that I became pretty slow in reflexes. Enrico was so kind to offer me his cigarettes, placing them one after the other on my lips and lighting them up for me. While Enrico and I were dancing, one of the most ugly men in the club, walked towards my new friend and he kissed him on his lips. That scene gave me a nasty feeling of unwanted jealousy. Enrico revealed to be very straight and run away disgusted, constantly cleaning his mouth with his right hand for at least twenty minutes. In fact, I have to admit that I would have done the same, the brave kisser was so much worse than simply unattractive. It was already 6am when two Spanish girls approached us. They were both pretty ugly and one of them seemed to like Enrico. They could not speak any English, so I had to translate for my new friend everything from Spanish. One of the girls asked me how long Enrico and I knew each other and she was pretty amazed when she found out that we had just met a few hours before. In fact it looked like we knew each other for years! Everything had run smooth, until the chubbier girl kissed Enrico. He seemed to enjoy that, but I did not feel so enthusiastic about it, so I gave him my address and he promised me that the day after he would have come over. The girls were also interested to visit me, but I asked Enrico to avoid telling them where I lived. I arrived home and the sun was shining bright: it was 9am. 

My favorite gay video of the day is one of Davey
Most of gay slang words that are well known by all of us, maybe unknown by most straight guys.
I have never thought about this, but it does make sense. The result of this "survey" is pretty funny. Here is the video of straight guys explaining what they think some gay words mean, like bottom, top or vers.

video here