Sunday, 8 March 2015


Two days later Enrico came to my flat and he apologized for not having come before. His family had taken him for a trip to Cadaques and he could not refuse. We spent many hours talking and we got to know each other a little better. Our topics went from politics to sex and he taught me a large amount of German swear words. ‘’When one wants to get a blowjob, one has to say: Blas mir einen’’ he said. I wished I could have made some practise with him as well, but I avoided the risk to ruin this possible friendship.

The day after Enrico left for Mainz. His holidays were over, but we were both very happy about our new friendship. We did not know if and when we would have met again, but we decided to keep in touch and we still are today. My holidays were also almost finished and I realized that I still had to go to the station in Figueres to buy a ticket to Milan. It was the 1st of September 1997 and I was standing under an extremely hot sun, waiting for my bus to the city of the great Dali’. Suddenly a middle-aged Asian looking woman approached me and asked me where I was from. I explained her that I was born in Milan but I had the intention to move to London soon. She then gave me the shocking news that Princess Diana had had a fatal car accident in Paris on the day before. Maria was from the Philippines, she was working as a cleaning maid in some luxurious holiday villas owned by extremely rich Swiss and Bavarian families. She seemed quite easygoing but she never told me how old she was. I guess she was in her late forties but she could not admit it. The day after Maria tried to have sex with me. She came to have lunch at my flat, she brought a bottle of Champagne and a box of prawns and she started flirting without embarrassment. I managed to get rid off her only four hours later and I decided that I should have avoided any further contacts with that weird Asian woman. My train left for Italy two days later.

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