Monday, 16 March 2015


London, 28th January 1999

Dear Rachele,

I have been thinking to write you this letter for ages. I am sorry that I am doing it only today. In the past few months
I have been extremely busy with work, school, friends and my boyfriend. Yes, I know this will come to you as a shock, but I guess time has come to tell you the truth. I am gay. Do you remember when we were at school? Those mysterious times when I could not come to study at your place, I was seeing a guy. I have always known to be different and I had my first sexual experience with a man when I was 12. Now you know a little bit more about me and I hope that you will still want to be my friend.  I miss you.


(Letter translated from the original Italian version)


Rachele had been my class-friend since the 2nd class in the high school. She was also my best friend and we used to spend most of the times hanging out together. When she received my letter she could simply not believe those words. At school everyone had always thought that we were a couple and she had never suspected I was homosexual. London had given me the strength and the will, to come out to my Italian friends in my hometown. A couple of weeks later I received her reply. It was very sweet and she wrote that not only was I still her best friend, but also that our friendship was even stronger than before.


In the last week of February I decided to call Enrico. As I did not have my own mainline, I had to use one of phone-boots in the New Cross Road. The line was pretty bad, but it was simply exciting to hear his German accent again. I told him that I intended to leave London soon and I was heading to Spain to have some holidays before my social service would have started. Suddenly he got very excited: “Hey, Mattia! I will also be in Rosas towards the end of March!”


My flight was scheduled at Heathrow airport for 8am on a Sunday. Dan decided to spend the last night at my place. That evening he was very sweet, he cooked Chinese food for me and he tried to make me feel better. When the cabdriver rang my doorbell at 5:30am, I became very emotional and I started crying. Dan kept calm and he told me not to worry and that he would have come to visit me in Spain. My English adventure had come to an end, but eventually it was bound to start again.