Tuesday, 14 April 2015



Berlin, Germany, March 2006-July 2006

I was late again! Why did my alarm never seem to be working properly? I jumped out of the bed and rushed to the bathroom. I showered and brushed my teeth at the same time. Once back to my room, I dried my hair, I put on a pair of cheap jeans and I forced my feet into the trainers without untying the laces. With the rucksack on my shoulders and the iPod in my pocket, I left and I locked the door behind me. Another day had started. The lift's sliding doors closed as soon as I pressed the "E" and the 15-floor countdown started. Märkisches Museum station was not too busy and the U2 train arrived within a few minutes. At Stadtmitte I got off to reach the U6 and I walked through the bright corridor, shifting carelessly the punks and the businessmen walking in the opposite direction. 13th of March 2006: my last day at the Volkshochschule in Schöneberg and my 28th birthday. In the afternoon I had to go for another job interview and thus I had to leave earlier and give up the class farewell party. Apparently I did not missed out on much and my efforts gained me a position at an investigative office for on-line market frauds. I accepted to cover the vacancy and I signed the contract a few days later. Finding a job in Berlin had not been that hard at all, I had just needed a decent networking and the help of some people I had got to know at school gave its fruits. In fact, after a couple of "Bewerbungsgespräche", the German scary word for "interviews", the job was mine. The same had not really happened when I had left Europe for the United States, but probably my networking there was not wide enough. Nevertheless I had not done that bad in getting to know people over there either. The U2 arrived at Märkisches Museum, my long day was finally over and a rewarding bubbly bath was waiting for me at home. After my successful job interview in March I started working as an investigator for the online market in Brandenburg. The job was definitely interesting and I got to know quite a few special people, who are currently good friends of mine and with whom I shared the magic moment when my country won the 4th World Cup in Berlin defeating France 5-3 in the penalty shootout.

New York City, United States, July 2000

The never-ending corridors at J.F.K. airport led me to customs. Once the cute officer stamped the first American Independence date in the new millennium on my passport, I took my baggage and I went out through the glassy sliding doors. The sun was hot and bright and I was totally excited about my first day in the new continent. I lighted up a cigarette and within a few minutes I saw Adriana smiling and walking towards me. I was in New York City, the place to be, the city that never sleeps.

We took the airport service express bus, which drove through the very residential Queens and led us to Grand Central Station. I had always imagined Manhattan as a colourful and extremely crowded cosmopolitan area and thus I was expecting to see thousands of people walking around like ants in every direction. Surprisingly, once we reached the corner between the 42nd Street and Park Avenue, we noticed that there were hardly people there. Sightseeing in Manhattan during the morning of the American Independence Day, was quite unusual, however we made the best of it. At the corner between the 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue we came across the majestic Chrysler Building. I was impressed of its beauty and the sun itself was reflecting on its sparkling stainless steel spire. As we were walking down the Fifth Avenue, the other astounding example of Art Deco surprised us. The 102-floor high Empire State Building was dominating the street with its imposing structure. After admiring the two most famous skyscrapers, we went to Times Square, where we had steak in a pretty restaurant that Adriana knew. The place was quite crowded, so I finally had the real feeling of being in the Big Apple. After lunch we fooled around Times Square again and we took one of the glassy lifts inside the Marriott Hotel up to the 47th floor. On our way down I felt like throwing up, due to the frequent sudden stops, however once we reached the ground floor my stomach went to its place. At about 5pm we walked back to Grand Central Station again and we took a Metro-North train to New Haven.


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