Monday, 27 April 2015


One Wednesday night I decided to go to "The Bar". It was located in downtown New Haven, not very far from the “Gotham City” but it had a different atmosphere: it was cosy and homey. A pool table stood right in the middle of the large room, some guys were playing billiard, whilst some others were just looking at them and sipping from their glasses. The music was much cheesier than the one at the “Gotham City" and the lightings shaped up the relaxed ambience.  I was drinking a chilly Budweiser when I saw him. He was standing on the other side of the pool. He was tall, he had dark blond hair and brown eyes, his body was muscular and he had a nice sweet smile. He looked at me, then he turned his face away and he kept on watching the game. After a few minutes he did the same again, the so called: "glance-and-go" technique. At that point, I was still unsure, if he liked me and was just too shy to come over, or if I was rather like a stalker to him. So I drank the last sip of my beer and I walked towards him. I was finally standing at his right side and he started ignoring me completely. I sat onto a high stool and after a few minutes, I took some courage and I asked him what his name was. "Robert, what is your name?" He asked. So we started our conversation and at the end of the evening he gave me his mobile phone number and we arranged to meet again on the day after. Robert and I started going out regularly, he gradually introduced me to his mates and I felt very welcome with all of them. At that point I found out that his friends used to call him Rob. Everything was perfect but I was still confused about Rob's feelings: he did not seem to get either physically or emotionally closer to me. One day he asked me if I wanted to join him to Bridgeport. His friend Sam was going away for a week and he had asked Rob to water the plants in his beach house. I realized that that would have been the perfect chance to find out more about where I stood, thus I accepted the kind offer. We arrived in Bridgeport on a Saturday late afternoon. Robert parked the car in front of the wooden house and we walked towards the fancy porch. Strings of bells hanging in the veranda were sparkling with the reddish rays of the sunset. From time to time a breeze made two of the triple spiral strings of glassy belts strike, producing such a harmonious melody, that gave the sunset an even more romantic effect. A more distant noise of the ocean waves, crashing into the pier, also played an important role in that dream of colours and music. Robert took out the keys, he opened the door and he let me in. The beautiful wooden floor jumped immediately to my eyes: its American black walnut dark colours gave an elegant look to the living room and its stylish furniture. On the bow windows white silk curtains were lightening the darker ambience, letting the weak sunset rays passing through the delicate fabric. Robert filled up a metal watering can and poured some fresh water to the thirsty plants. Outside the light of the sun had finally disappeared when we sat on the soft sofa and Rob turned on the television. On W.T.N.H. there was a talk show about the forthcoming elections and we stuck to it for a couple of hours. I was getting quite tired and bored when I decided it was time to act. Of course I realized that as Robert was older than me, it would have been quite awkward for me to take the first step. However as he did not seem to make any effort and he did not show any intention to come closer to me, I had no choice but to take the risk. Just before midnight I faked a sudden sleepiness and I gradually shifted my whole body towards him, up to the point that my head fell "incidentally" onto his laps. Robert started touching my head and caressing my hair. When I felt confident that he would have not rejected me, I lifted my chest up, I looked right into his eyes and I started kissing him. Suddenly he pushed me away and he said: "Sorry, I can't do this, I am really sorry, I can't do this". His reaction made me feel very uncomfortable. I did not know what to do or say anymore, I felt utterly embarrassed and I asked him to drive me home. 

The morning after Adriana and I decided to spend some time at the pool, Adriana's boyfriend's Richard, also joined us for a couple of hours. He was originally from Maine and grew up in the very same town as Stephen King. He managed some real estate business in downtown New Haven and he used to go to have his coffee break at the "Starbucks" in Chapel Street, where he had got to know Adriana. That day, a few months before, Adriana was very upset because she had just broken up with her previous boyfriend Charlie, a hot Italian-American truck driver, who had very defined arms and chest muscles but lacked of grey matter. Richard happened to see her teary eyes and he chat her up. Since then, he became Adriana's guardian angel and a few days later they became a couple.

I was telling Richard and Adriana about the previous night with Rob when her mobile, which I also used from time to time, rang. It was Robert and he wanted to take me to an Italian restaurant for the evening. I accepted his invite: it would have been a great chance to talk with him about my feelings and to find out where I was standing.