Sunday, 19 April 2015


New Haven, United States, July-September 2000

The vast summery countryside was marvelous and interrupted only by some medium size towns. Our journey did not last too long and we reached New Haven at about 6.40pm. The area near the station was not particularly nice, so we did not spend too much time there and we took the first cab available. Adriana had an apartment in Simon Place, a pretty residential area of West Haven, where a lot of students used to live, due to the nearby UNH (University of New Haven). The apartment buildings were only two or three stories high, which gave me the feeling to be in one of this TV-Series such as Melrose Place. A fence surrounded the whole residential block and a guardian was standing at the entrance, making sure that no unwished guest could enter. The complex provided exclusive recreation facilities, such as an outdoor swimming pool, a gym and a sauna. Every second day Adriana and I used to go for a morning swim, or a late afternoon sunbath and a cocktail. Apparently the other tenants and neighbours, were not too much into swimming, thus there were hardly any people but us. The only permanent presence was the very silent pool attendant, but unluckily he did not look anything like the "Bay Watch" handsome lifeguards. In fact he was anything between fat and obese, he had a long beard just like the one of Father Christmas and from time to time, he liked to dip in the pool with his huge inflated lifesaver. Adriana’s flat was very pretty and comfortable, it only lacked table and chairs, but that was not a big issue for us, as we used to eat microwave pizza or Subways’ sandwiches in bed, watching the typical American Soap Operas on the cable TV. At 10 pm I had my first date with a guy, I had chatted with in the Internet a few weeks before, but of whom I did not have a picture. His name was Paul, he was supposed to be on his early thirties, tall, muscular and handsome, that was at least the way he had described himself. I was standing as arranged, in front of Mc Donald’s down the hill in West Haven, as a black BMW arrived. The driver honked to call for my attention and as I approached the car, I started having the bad feeling that Paul was neither on his thirties nor handsome. In fact the man was more like on his fifties, his muscles were more like huge cushions of fat and he had also lied on his height. Nevertheless I decided to follow him on his car, careless of the possibility, Paul could have been a serial killer, hiding himself behind the description of an attractive stud. Eventually I happened to be right, as he did not reveal himself as a dangerous man, however he did not seem to understand that he had no chance to touch my body at any time. We left McDonald’s parking lot and were heading towards downtown New Haven, as I asked him to show me the local gay bars. During the ride, Paul turned on the radio and faked the falling of his hand onto my trousers. At that point I took his hand and I moved it away from my left leg in a very spontaneous but stylish way. Paul apologized for what happened and he admitted he was happy to meet me: “…As Europeans are not as superficial as Americans, young Europeans do not care about the age and they would also have sex with older guys”. I had to break his European dream and admit my age limit was nowhere near his real age.