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Berlin, Germany – August 2006-November 2006

On a summer weekend I went to Schwuz with Ernesto, Deependra and our other common friends. Going clubbing with my ex, reminded me on those great times in London, when we used to go out. That evening I also met Carlos, a Chilean colleague of mine, who happened to be there with Christian, a cute Swiss guy friend of his. As usual nothing happened. My love life kept on being a total disappointment. I went from dating Jonas, a handsome Bavarian liar, to an extremely Catholic but still cheating Pole till I ended up with Rico, a German BVG employee. Rico was 9 years older than me, he used to drive a tram in the centre of Berlin and he did not own a car driving licence: apparently it was not compulsory to have one for tram drivers at GDR times. At our third date, Rico took me to the flat of his ex-boyfriend Tobias who was making dinner for us and his boyfriend Jonas. As soon as we got at Tobias’, Jonas opened the door and…

…And I was totally out of speech. Tobias’ boyfriend Jonas, was the very same guy I had dated a week before and because of his apparently extremely busy “work” schedule I had decided not to date anymore. “What a small World”, I thought and I realized that Jonas’s busy work scheduled was his relationship and most likely also his other affairs. I was disgusted and embarrassed at the same time. I did not want to be there and I could not say anything because it would have looked terrible: How could have Rico understood, that just a week before we had met, I was dating his ex-boyfriend’s boyfriend? Tobias introduced himself and a couple of other friends who were already sitting at the stylish dressed massive wooden table and he asked me to take the last seat available, which happened to be right in front that of Jonas. Rico was sitting on my right side and Tobias on Jonas left side facing Rico. I was uncomfortably shifting my glance from Tobias to the other guest sitting on his left and trying avoiding any eye contact with the cheater seated in front of me. “How could he?” I thought. Just a week before Jonas had even given me such a passionate kiss and now I found out he was already in a relationship with someone else at that time. I was totally distracted by my thoughts when I saw Rico standing up and leaving the room with Tobias and the two other guests. They had to go in the kitchen to get the food. I asked Rico if I could follow, but he denied telling me that four people were enough. And there were we, Jonas and I. Just a table with candles between us…

“Do you find this situation uncomfortable?” He went.
“No.” I lied to save my proud.
“I would appreciate if you don’t say that we know each other” He followed.
“W H A A A A T ? “ I exploded… “How could you say that? I will wait until we are out from here, then I will tell Rico, I cannot hide this from …”
“Do you know each other?” asked Rico who was back from the kitchen.
“Noooo” “No no” we denied.

All the others had returned and more or less happy we toasted with a glass of Martini Bianco. During the starters and the first dish, Jonas did not stop talking to me and repeating to the others how interesting I was. He kept on flirting with me for about one hour, showing self confidence and non worrying at all about being caught cheating. Eventually I stood up and I said I was not feeling too well and I left. Rico followed me and I told him the whole story, asking him to be discreet and reassuring him that it was not my intention to hurt anyone. Tobias broke with Jonas the day after and thanked me for my honesty.