Sunday, 3 May 2015


At around 8pm Robert came to pick me up at Simons Place with his red jeep. He honked, I rushed out of the apartment, jumped into the vehicle and as soon as I sat comfortably on the front right seat, he kissed me on my lips. I felt both relieved and confused at the same time.


99.1, a local radio station, reported about some new details regarding the previous month Concorde crash in Paris. Suddenly Rob lowered the volume of the radio and he took some courage to start talking about what had happened between us the night before. He admitted that he had been flattered by my approaches and that he really liked me. Eventually in a sweet way and with a pretty embarrassed voice, he gave out the truth.

"... I pushed you away… because… I was so excited that… I came".  

The fried sausages covered in ketchup were spread all over the boiled pasta, the portions were massive but they definitely lacked of the real Italian flavour. In fact no Italian would mix pasta with ketchup. I made Rob aware that a menu with misspelled words, like "Capuchino" instead of "Cappuccino", hardly is that of an original Italian restaurant. Nevertheless, I gorged the meat but I left the tasteless pasta out. As Rob and I became a couple, he introduced me to a lot more of his friends. Jack, a rather snob French-American guy born in California, was the only one who got really on my nerves. He kept on telling me that had flown from Paris to New York City with a Concorde, just a week before the crash and he did not seem to care about the tragedy at all. He was way much too self-confident and he used to show that to everyone. Despite his young age, he possessed various villas in Europe, expensive cars and only branded clothes. He was also very proud to state that his office was in the North Tower of the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan. Rob's other friend, Scott, was a down-to-earth friendly Connecticutian, with whom I had great conversations about politics, Europe and history. One day Rob realized that I still had not had the chance to visit New York City properly, so he arranged with Scott that we three would drive there for the Sunday.