Wednesday, 17 June 2015


In June the company hired some new people and my boss asked me to coach Carla and Caterina, two Italian girls who later became very good friends of mine. The side-by-side was a great challenge but I did not mind having some extra coffee time with my new colleagues.

One evening after work I decided to skip the bus and I walked home. As usual I could not find my keys and I was standing in front of my flat searching for them in my thousands pockets, when I heard someone unlocking from inside. Seconds later the door was opened and I was shocked again. A huge guy, holding an iron in his right hand, was in front of me. He was the very same guy that had slept on the floor outside a few weeks before. “Who are you? What are you doing in my flat?” I asked rudely. “Hi, I am John. Gavin gave me the keys… He is still at work and I am ironing his shirt for tomorrow…” He replied. After a short conversation with John, I found out that Gavin had just met him the day before and apparently it was love at first sight. That night Daryl and I realized that Gavin could have given us some problems after all.


July came and I went for a couple of weeks to Rosas with my parents. I really needed a vacation from the stress of the city and from the intruders. One Saturday night I was sitting on the balcony with my parents, when my mobile phone rang. Between the line interruptions I heard a panicking Daryl saying: “…I cannot stay…. I will go to Brighton… there is this voicemail… burning the flat…” I run to the nearest phone booth to call Daryl back and to try to get a clearer idea of what really did happen. Gavin had disappeared and Daryl had found a voice mail from an unknown guy, who was probably one of Gavin’s many lovers. In the voicemail the guy had threatened Gavin saying that he would have done anything to ruin his life. “He said: I will make sure that Mattia and Daryl are outside and I will burn the flat together with all your Gucci clothes.” Added Daryl. How he did know our names was a mystery. Daryl went to his friend in Brighton and a few days later I was back in London and I saw that the wooden gate of the garden was burned to ashes. No one was in the flat and as I was scared to be burned alive, I decided to stay awake and watch some television. The day after Daryl came back from Brighton and Gavin called us and told us that the police had arrested his stalker. A week later Gavin came home, picked up his clothes, put his keys into the postbox and left. That was the last time we saw him.

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