Thursday, 18 June 2015


Berlin – Cyber Madrid December 2006-January 2007

After Rico I realized that I had serious problems having a relationship with a man in Berlin. It was time to find someone somewhere else and I picked up Madrid as my next target.

“Spaniards are supposed to be good lovers and Madrid is full of them.” I thought. I switched on my computer and I log into a Spanish gay chat in Madrid.

James, a guy from Miami, contacted me first. He was in the chat in Madrid to improve his Spanish, he had a nice picture and he seemed culturally interesting. He called me on my mobile phone, we had a nice conversation and he let me know that he would have paid for my flight to Florida.  It was a great offer but I had no intention to leave the European Union.

A few days later a guy called Javier sent me a message and he introduced himself. He was a psychologist from Madrid about 4 years older than me. From his pictures and his written profile, I could tell that he was good looking and smart, so I started telling him more about myself.

Since that day Javier and I started talking everyday on the phone and emailing each other pictures and music. On Christmas day I asked him if he wanted to come to Berlin for a week in January. He checked online for flights and he booked one for the second week of January. We were extremely excited: we were finally going to meet.

I decided that spring would have been a good time to leave Berlin and move to the Spanish capital and I had a lot to do to be ready by then. I surfed the Internet to find out as much as possible about my future new home, I registered on a few local jobsites and I went to the Spanish Embassy to gather more information.

New Year’s Eve came and I still had not planned anything. Most of my colleagues had flown home and I was the only one left in the office for the Italian Team together with Carlos, the Chilean guy responsible for the Spanish market. On the afternoon of the 31st December Carlos told me that he was going to go to the party of his Brazilian friend Paulo and he asked me if I wanted to join them. I could not refuse the nice offer and I wrote down Paulo’s telephone number.

At 6pm I left the office and I went home to get ready for the big night. I wore a tight black Armani T-shirt, a pair of Versace trousers and Della Valle shoes. At 8pm I took the U2 to Nollendorfplatz and about 20 minutes later I met Carlos who was waiting for me outside the station. We walked about five minutes direction north and we reached Paulo’s home. Paulo had a small but stylish IKEA flat, in what was considered one of Berlin’s gay districts. The flat was bright and the cherry wooden floor gave it a pretty warm character. Tens of plants of any size and shape were placed in front of every window and in the tiny bathroom, whose walls were covered with pictures of naked sporty men and dressed transvestites.

At the party there were other guests, whose name I forgot. There was a camp Austrian guy, who, as soon as he found out that I was born in Milan, started asking me questions about fashion and shopping, a loud American girl from L.A., a quiet Bavarian lad and a few other guys. At midnight, the fireworks started and we toasted with a sparkling wine to the future. 5 minutes later, as expected in a party where the guests do not know each other too well and do not have too much in common either, each one of us tried unsuccessfully to send SMS or to make phone calls to their loved ones. The mobile phone network was down just like on New Year’s Eve of the year before and every year before that since the mobile phones exist. I thought that there must have been millions of people at boring parties around the World making the lines overloading. Half an hour later I managed to wish a happy new year to my parents and Javier and I told Carlos I was going to go home. Paulo and the Austrian guy were getting to know each other in the tiny bathroom and the other guests decided that we should all go to Schwuz and keep on partying there. Carlos found the idea excellent and he dragged me to the gay club with them. We danced and drank liters of beer and the fun part of the night started. At 2am Carlos’ friend Christian, who I had met a few months before, joined us together with his sister. This time, my friends Ernesto and Deependra were not there and Christian took the chance to come and talk to me. We talked, danced and drank until 7am, when I decided to go home. I told everyone I was leaving and that in March I would have moved to Madrid. Christian said he would have liked to go with Carlos and me for a pizza and I gave him my number. At 8am I received a SMS. “Nice 2 meet u, pity u r moving 2 Madrid! Pity u got a bf! Wanna meet for a drink sometime? Lemme know, Christian”.