Thursday, 6 August 2015


London, January 2003

When I flew back to London, Jørn was waiting for me at Heathrow Airport to help me with the luggage. It was nice seeing him again and after a coffee and a cigarette we took the H98 bus to Hayes and the half Danish guy spent the night at my place again. Unfortunately I had to disappoint Jørn again, as in the following weeks, I did not have so much time to meet him and I had booked already my holiday to Gran Canaria with Ricky. Jørn seemed to be understanding and I promised him, I would have had more time for him once back from

Las Palmas. Las Palmas & Maspalomas – Canaries February 2003

On the 2nd week of February, Ricky and I took a taxi to Gatwick from Ricky’s place in Beckenham and in a matter of few hours we were from rainy London to sunny Las Palmas. Once outside the airport of our destination, we took a direct bus to Playa del Ingles, where we had booked a 2-room accommodation not far from the famous dunes of Maspalomas, where everything that moves happens to be gay. Ricky had been there before and he had fallen in love with the place, I personally enjoyed more the cultural sightseeing, but I did not mind having a relaxing week, lying on the beach with a Cosmopolitan and being surrounded by handsome naked men. Most of the times we went to the beach, we did not have to pay for the beach beds and the sunshade as the guys of the hotel gave them to us for free, we also got a few free Cosmopolitans from the cute bar tender who seemed to have interest in one or both of us.

The second day on the beach, an ugly man from Turin probably on his 80s called Tiziano, tried unsuccessfully to pick us up and he started stalking us for the whole week both at the beach and in the bars of the Yumbo Center. Luckily the 3rd day brought us, Åke, a pure Danish handsome guy, who came to talk to us and joined us to the bars. Åke was totally my type, but I did not feel right trying having something with him, after all, he lived thousands kilometres away from me in Copenhagen and I had a half Danish guy who was waiting for me in London. If only I had know that that half Danish guy was already cheating on me, I would have probably opted for a carpe diem with Åke. When the day after Jørn called me, he showed some unjustified jealousy, which made me think, I had found the right guy for me, after all, we Italians are jealous by nature. Åke, Ricky and I spent the rest of the week sun tanning on the beach and commenting the swim trunks of the guys who happened to have some, about all the others, no discussion was needed. Every evening we had to find smarter ways to get rid of our Italian stalker and how to get Cosmopolitans and Sex On The Beach cocktails for free. On Saturday morning we said goodbye to Åke, who was staying another week on the island and we took our flight back to the United Kingdom.