Tuesday, 25 August 2015


This is the coolest video! The Warwick Rowers are back again sexier than ever for their 2016 calendars. I am sure all of you who watch this video are going to want to get their gadgets and calendar. Do it! It is for a good cause, moreover they are extremely hot!!!

VIDEO found on Youtube HERE\

In the meanwhile, Mattia's story goes on...

It was a warm spring day of May when I met Sven. He was a 28-year-old good looking blond German guy, who was spending his study semester abroad in London. Unfortunately Sven was bound to move back to Bremen, his hometown, at the beginning of June, so that we did not have so much time to get to strengthen our relationship.

Towards the end of June I decided to visit Sven. After my nightshift I went to Heathrow airport by bus and from there I took a coach to Stansted. My flight reached Luebeck in the afternoon. I took a bus to Hamburg and from there a train to Bremen. After almost 12 hours of travelling I reached my friend. Sven had to work that night, but I decided to join him to make the most of our limited time. Around 9pm we reached the clinic where Sven was employed in Lower Saxony. It was a private hospital specialized on patients with sleeping disorders. Every patient had their own room and each one of them was monitored during their sleep. Sven showed me how the machines worked and how people sleep could be monitored and displayed on the screens in the lab. One could see lines describing brain activity during the sleep especially during the REM phase. Depending on those lines, one could know if the patient was even dreaming.

When the German patients heard me speaking English they thought I was a specialist from England and they felt somehow important knowing that there was an international doctor there. Unfortunately I had to disappoint them as I was neither a doctor, nor I was I going to monitor their sleep.


The morning after Sven drove us home on his motorbike and because of his tiredness we almost had an accident. Sven and I spent a wonderful week in Bremen, I met his friends and family and he proudly showed me his hometown, which I considered one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Nevertheless I had to go back to London and a long distance relationship did not work after all.