Tuesday, 2 February 2016

MY BFF SEAN - Ich habe eine Latte! German double meanings...



I sat on a stool at the window of the usual café in Old Compton Street and started sipping my cinnamon latte, whilst enjoying London most famous gay street scene.

Tens of good-looking guys were walking in each direction, holding their late afternoon shopping bags, most likely just filled with design underwear and healthy food. A couple of them stood kissing, in front of the window of the shop, at the opposite side of the road.  “This latte is delicious! “ I thought. Then I started laughing on my own, and felt like a schizoid, when Sean entered the café, and reached me. He pinched my shoulders and, whilst he was taking a stool to sit next to me, he asked me what I was laughing about. “ Just my Berlin Latte!” I replied. And he knew already what I was talking about.

A couple of years earlier, I was in the German capital to meet Jürgen, a straight local friend of mine. We were in a café in Prenzlauerberg and I had just expressed my preference to order a latte macchiato, when Jürgen tried to explain me the meaning of the word latte in German. His English was not very fluent and my German was at scholastic level, which made it harder for him to explain the meaning of Latte to me. He was so much into the subject that he did not realize his voice was loud, and could be heard in the whole room. The waitress came at the table to take our orders, at the exact point in which Jürgen shouted: “ Ich habe eine Latte! Ich habe eine Latte! Ich habe eine Latte! “ Pointing at his dick, with his right hand. The waitress decided that we still needed some extra time, to choose our drinks, and I understood that Jürgen meant Latte is translated from German with hard-on. “Now she thinks I am gay!” concluded Jürgen…

Sean and I had been friends for almost 5 years, and I knew I could count on him, at all times, as much as he could lean on me, when he needed anything. A couple of years ago, we even exchanged our home keys in case of need. It is vital, in a huge city like London, to maintain close relationships with good friend. Boyfriends for long term faithful relationships are hard to find, affairs come and go, but BFF stays, and you can always lean on them. Especially when you find out that your new boyfriend, is sleeping with your ex fuck buddy. Sean must have been just about the same size of the MM taller guy, and he was at least as good looking as him, but unlike him, Sean had a rather Mediterranean look, black hair, green eyes and a dark-olive-toned skin, which made of him a good catch in the London scene. I proposed to have dinner at Brittany and then head to the G-A-Y club in Charing Cross Road for a dance. Sean agreed.