Sunday, 26 June 2016


Dear British friends,
I am really sorry you chose to leave the EU. On the other side I am happy that you know your way and I respect the decision you took. I had the luck to live in London for 7 years and I have been traveling to the UK almost every year since 1993, so I believe I have a good understanding of your culture, they way you see yourself in Europe and the way you see Europe. When I lived in London I had the feeling that local people were not proud to be in the EU. I remember the headlines of most (if not all) British newspapers saying how bad the EU was, how bananas should be straight and so on and I was surprised, this is not the EU I knew. When my English got better I decided to talk with some of you, my British friends, on how I saw the EU. I was born in 1978 and I saw the EC evolving into what it is now the EU. As a child I was proud to be born in one of the founding members that are part of this incredible project that unifies one continent full of history under the name of peace. I suffered the bad decisions (monetary union before political union) and I enjoyed the good ones (freedom to live anywhere in the EU, the EU pressure to Italy to get the same sex couples right, the possibilities to travel without restrictions, low cost flights from any two EU cities…)
Often it is argued that the EU is all about banks and money. The Euro was a bad choice because it was not well planned. All right. The EU is not perfect. It is far from perfection but it is a good project that had improved our lives and gave us freedoms they would have dreamed of in the 50s or earlier.
UK brexiters used the argument that the EU is about money and not about people. It is a dictatorship some say. The same Brexiters voted to leave in the name of saving money for the NHS. A promise that was broken minutes after the Brexit outcome by the same party leader who made it. The issue is now about the city and the possibility it loses part of the European firms moving to the Eurozone. The issue is about money for your politicians too, in fact you chose, but they are waiting until October to let us know what we already know. In the meanwhile other millions Europeans are waiting for you to decide. Out is out. If you wish to stay in, well then you should show a little more interest on the real meaning of this project rather then the expenses of the NHS, or those Europeans stealing your jobs, forgetting that there are almost as many British people abroad, which make use of European health system about 4 times as much as Europeans use it in the UK.
I am deeply sorry for those of you, my friends, who wanted to stay in, and I hope some day you can convince the rest of your people, that it was a bad choice to leave, but I think the UK politicians should respect their European partners after all this and take the step. After all, they complained the EURO was not well planned, but they could have better planned the Brexit possibility before launching the referendum in the first place. A final note. I do not think Scotland should veto the Brexit. I think Scotland should have the right to choose if the want to stay in the UK or join the EU instead. It would not be fair if the Scottish people could force the English to stay in, as much as it would not be fair for the English to take the Scottish out if they want to stay in. That is, if this referendum was about democracy. UK people I wish you the best of luck and I am sure that those of you who want to keep a EU passport will find the way, after all the EU did not close its borders