Sunday, 11 September 2016


Hi guys, I haven't forgotten you, I was just in Prague for a few days and impressed by the beauty of the local guys. Here a couple of pictures of Prague. A sexy Czech posing naked on his bike, just an ad in the Prague underground and two male statues pissing... Cool fountain isn't it.
Below some pictures and a video, plus another chapter of the gay stories.

One day Carla and I had the same shift and after work she was so kind to drive me home. When we arrived at my place, we noticed that the front door was opened and Edoardo and Abdul were smoking a cigarette in the patio. They came towards us, they smiled and Abdul pointed out that my neighbour was a weirdo. An hour before Edoardo had tried to talk to him but the strange man had covered his face with his hands and had run away.
As soon as Carla, Abdul and Edoardo went inside, I heard my neighbour calling and I went to the fence to see what he wanted. “How many rooms do you have upstairs?” He asked without saying hello. “Two” I replied and “Sorry, I have to go” I concluded, as I did not feel too comfortable with him. I quickly reached my friends inside, we had a beer and chatted till 1am, then everyone left, I locked the door and I went upstairs to get ready for bed.

Once in the bathroom, I took off my clothes, I turned on the water in the bathtub and I sat waiting on the closed toilet seat. Suddenly I heard a noise coming from the loft. I looked above and the hatch was open, I was trying to figure out how that could have happened, when I heard a second noise. My loft was huge, dark and full of trusses, it had neither light nor a ladder and I did not trust myself on a chair, to look inside with the help of a torch. “What if my crazy neighbour is in there and chop my head off?” I thought. I wore quickly my bathrobe, I grabbed one of the four cordless, I run out the house and I locked the door, ready to call the police. Once in the garden, half naked, in the middle of the night, I realized that having watched the DVD “Scream” the day before could have driven my fantasy a little. I did not feel like calling the police, so I tried to reach Edoardo on the phone and check if he had left the hatch open. My colleague’s mobile phone was off, so I decided to call his Egyptian friend. “Hi Abdul, sorry to bother you, did you leave the hatch open?”
“What? Mattia? I cannot hear you…” He said. “I want to know, if you were in my loft…” I repeated with an even more scared and trembling voice.

Eventually Abdul broke into a laugh and confirmed that they had been in the loft, to check out the boiler and they had forgotten to close the hatch. The mystery was solved and I could go inside again. The day after I bought myself a ladder to explore my loft properly and within a week Edoardo had made me the fool of the office, telling the whole story to everyone.